Playing in the studio

My paintings are displayed in solo and group exhibitions and are represented in the City of Ottawa public art collection and in private collections nationally and internationally. Click my CV for details.

Along side of working in the studio the other part of my creative journey is about teaching fine arts, creativity mentoring and coaching.

I have had a rewarding time designing and leading workshops since 1978, through the City of Ottawa, The Ottawa School of Art, Algonquin College (Creative Arts program), Halliburton Summer School of the Arts (Expressive Arts Program), Mississippi Mills School of the Arts and in the greater Ottawa community with Artswell, an arts and health charity organization for 10 years.

Currently, I teach a variety of workshops in expressive drawing and abstract painting for small groups from my studio situated in the heart of Almonte Ontario. Occasionally, I’m part of unique collaborative workshops designed for students for example Glass and Drawing with Jennifer Kelly, Music and Painting with Jennifer Noxon, and Seasonal Yoga and Drawing retreats with Amelia Ah You.

I also offer 1:1 coaching/mentoring. Contact me if you would like to customize a class or art party.

It’s a joy to help people connect deeply through art and creativity. It is important to me to provide my students with an uplifting, inspiring experience in a friendly bright environment where they can discover and explore techniques, materials and share ideas.

Gift Certificates for workshops are available.

Events & Workshops

  • Sat
    10:00am - 4pmAlmonte

    Learn to use colour with confidence. Become familiar with the key properties; hue, saturation/intensity, value and temperature. Explore contrast, complements, glazing and staining. Learn about the history of colour and explore some of the colour palettes of master

    Paint with the colours you love and try using the ones you avoid and be surprised by what you discover.

    If you want to be more comfortable with colour in any art form this workshop is for you.

    $165.00  supplies included

    Location: Almonte

    To register:  |  613.257.9777

  • Sat
    10am - 4pmAlmonte

    Go BIG! This experiential abstract painting workshop is for all levels of creators. If you have even wanted to let loose and paint with passion this is your chance.

    After a series of warm ups which will relax and invigorate we’ll move into expressive painting using acrylics in large-scale format.

    In just one day you will complete your masterpiece.

    $165.00 *Bring large format canvas or substrate of your choice all other supplies will be provided. (30 inches one dimension minimum or a series of 2 or 3 smaller ones to make a large piece)

    Location: Almonte

    To register or 613 257 9777

  • Mon
    Opening: Sunday May 5th, 2:30-5:30Santini Gallery, 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

    Solo show featuring new work.

    Over the last six months I have metaphorically embraced Whales, Mermaids & Elephants as my travelling companions. They are there to be carried in the mind’s eye. 

    Typically I draw and paint about how things feel and what they mean to me rather than describing what they look like in a literal way. I found producing this series was like taking a ride to an enchanting place and letting whatever showed up join the party.

    Thoughts of grace, gravity, nature’s beauty and natural flow kept me company throughout the whole process. 

    Elephants weep, whales sing and, despite their huge weight, they are remarkably graceful and mesmerizing to watch. Mermaids are cherished, mystical creations that can swim anywhere in our imaginations. All three seem to express joy in the same way we do while we play and frolic in the water. 

    I was so curious how these connections might convert onto canvas.

    I found myself envisioning watery, rhythmic backdrops where they could float. Fluidity and playfulness and dual aspects like weight and weightlessness, courage, strength and vulnerability weave together.

    By way of painting I like to offer to take the viewer to a place to which they want to return over and over.

    For Gallery hours please visit Santini Gallery

  • Sat
    10 am to 4 ppmAlmonte

    Unleash your creativity!

    Whether you are working on an art project, searching for a theme that resonates or simply want to explore ideas, this workshop will help you express yourself more effectively.

    Improve your compositions using elements of collage and by working in series. The day will uncover illuminating discoveries relating to pictorial elements, theme, design and self-expression.

    Sign up for a spirited, adventurous workshop filled with inventive approaches with breakthrough results. Creativity and Composition applies to any artistic discipline.

    All levels welcome.

    $165.00 (includes supplies)

    Location: Almonte Ontario

    To register or 613 257 9777