mary pfaff



River of Dreams

River of dreams, my latest body of work, reflects the natural ebb and flow of a river. In this series, paintings and assemblages contain an assured, jubilant flow of colour, shape and pattern. The vibrant juxtaposition of form and content reveals a perceptive awareness of the natural world and at the same time the work rejoices in our human capacity to daydream and imagine.

Much of the process of making this series was the outcome of reviewing items I collected over the years including the old wooden boxes I found so irresistible. This was followed by an intense study of a host of personal visual journals that live on shelves in my studio. The result of these discoveries, through persistent experimentation, was the production of numerous studies as well as the engagement in much creative play before the river could flow.

The transient cycle of nature, life and seasons is very much a part of all my work. They essentially create narratives of both personal and communal experiences.

As an artist I wanted River of Dreams to express curiosity and wonder and celebrate the universal connection we can all find in unexpected places.

Mary Pfaff
March 2024

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